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Operator Information
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2020 Exam Dates

Exam Date Application Deadline
 May 6* February 6
 November 4

August 6

*The May 6, 2020 water and wastewater examinations have been postponed and will be rescheduled once the Governor’s State of Emergency ends. Applicants have been notified of this postponement via email and will receive notification of the new examination date once it is established.

  • Requirements
  • OEPA Exam Information
    • IMPORTANT: Applications must be SUBMITTED with PIN and payment in the eBusiness Center by the exam application deadline posted above. Submissions after the exam application deadline will not be accepted. If you have any questions, please call the Ohio EPA office at (866) 411-6728.



Operator FAQs

Do I need to submit both the paper application and an eBusiness Center application?

No. For certificates expiring December 31, 2017, Operators will receive a postcard in July with instructions. Operators will have the option to request a paper renewal application or they will be able to renew online through the eBusiness Center.

Do I have to use eBusiness Center to renew?

Certificates expiring December 31, 2017 can either be renewed on paper or through the eBusiness Center. Certificates expiring December 31, 2018 will be required to be renewed through the eBusiness Center.

Why don’t see all my hours in my eBusiness Center account?

The Operator’s contact hours show in their account after the training provider uploads attendance. The training providers are not currently required to upload attendance, so some of your contact hours may not be listed in your account. When you open your eBusiness Center renewal application after August 1st, then you will have the ability to add contact hours to your list. If you earned contact hours through an internet or correspondence course, then the operator will need to add their attendance themselves due to the nature of those courses.

Can I add contact hours to my list?

Yes, you can add contact hours to your renewal application with the Course approval number, Course date and proof of attendance.

How do I add internet/correspondence course contact hours?

Operators will have the ability to add internet and/or correspondence course contact hours in their renewal application using the Course approval number, Course date and proof of attendance.

If I am audited, do I do anything different in eBusiness Center?

A percentage of Operators will be randomly audited, if using the paper application. If an Operator renews through the eBusiness Center, then they will not have to do anything different on their application.